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Assessment & Evaluation

Knowledge sharing is one part of our teaching methodology. The second and important part is regular assessment & evaluation on various parameters, including subject knowledge. The students are assessed and evaluated by using the following tools:

Class Attendance

Academic excellence is given prime importance by the institute. We are associated with the best faculty members to impart their knowledge with the students. It is important that the students attend all the classes. Class attendance carries 10% weightage on the overall marks to be allotted for each subject. The attendance is calculated subject-wise.


The students are given regular assignments on each subject for having in-depth understanding of practical aspect of the subject. The evaluation is done by the faculty members and 10% weightage on overall marks are given to the same.

Passing Standards

Minimum marks required to pass a subject is 50%. In addition to performance in each end-term examination; mid-term examination, class attendance and project & assignment evaluation bear weightage on the final scorecard for each semester.

Mid Term Tests

The Mid terms tests motivate students to prepare for the subject regularly. We encourage regular studies rather than last minute preparations at the time of examination. The mid-term bear 30% weightage on scorecard.

End Term Examination

These examinations are conducted at the end of each semester and carry weightage of 50% on overall scorecard. The schedule of end-team examination is announced in advance and included in the program schedule.

Personal Interaction

We have regular interaction with each student individually to understand them better not only as a student but also as a human being. The student is given feedback on the session which helps them understand their strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement. Such regular interactions help us to measure their progress on various parameters apart from academic performance.