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Adv. Ali covered cyber threat types, emphasized on legal compliances, and stressed security measures like strong passwords and software updates.
The importance of training programs for cyber awareness and swift responses during
attacks was highlighted.

Our students have understood the importance of Diverse Threat Landscape Understanding various cyber threats, including hacking, malware, phishing, and social engineering. Legal Compliance – Emphasizing the importance of adhering to cyber laws and regulations to mitigate legal consequences. Security Measures – Advocating the use of strong passwords, firewalls, and regular software updates for robust cyber protection. Awareness Programs – Stressing the need for investment in training and awareness programs to foster a vigilant and informed community.

Adv. Ali

MR Rakshyit Shukla


We hosted an Entrepreneurship Development seminar featuring Mr. Rakshyit Shukla, Co-Founder of Wwings Infra Solutions Private Limited, Mr. Rakshyit Shukla initiated his career at Bajaj, serving as the Business Head for Web Sales and E-Commerce.
It emphasized on the crucial role of innovative thinking in entrepreneurship and encouraged participants to nurture ground- breaking ideas. Provided guidance on formulating strategies to navigate the challenges of the business landscape. Explored topics such as budgeting, funding sources, and financial forecasting, offering practical insights into managing financial aspects in entrepreneurship.

The seminar significantly boosted the entrepreneurial spirit among students.
Gratitude extended to Mr Rakshyit Shukla for his impactful session


We have hosted a seminar on “Unplug Yourself” our distinguished speakers Ms. Anu Sethi: Head of HR, Administration, EHS, and CSR at FEV, India Pvt Ltd and Ms. Nancy Kotyal: Corporate voice and visiting professor at top B-schools.

M s . Se t h i a d vo c a t e d mi n d f u l n e s s a n d emp h a s i z e d
disconnecting from technology for self-reflection. Stressed
the importance of empathy and treating others with
kindness. Ms. Kotyal Presented her book, “Commit to
Yourself,” encouraging the audience to prioritize their
well-being. Introduced the term “self-ishq” to
highlight guilt-free self-love.

Our dignitaries emphasised on Mindful Living -Disconnecting from the digital world for self -awareness and mindfulness. Empathy and Kindness: Treating others kindly as a reflection of personal values and self-worth. Se lf – l ov e wit h o u t Gu i lt: Embracing self-care as a c r u c i a l a s p e c t o f a b a l a n c e d a n d fulfilling life.